$16.95 inc GST


Tyre Shine is a long lasting, rich, deep shine ,”Wet Look” spray for the tyres. It simultaneously improves the appearance of the tyres and maintains and protects them from cracking, premature aging, brown discolouration and colour bleaching. It improves the appearance of the vehicle and gives it a finishing touch.

Tyre Shine is a tyre maintenance product that produces a “Wet Look” for all types of vehicle tyres. Suitable for passenger cars, 4WD’s, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. It is suitable for all types of tyres, is easy to apply and can last for several weeks depending on conditions.

Tyre Shine improves the appearance of the tyres and completes and compliments servicing and cleaning of vehicles.

Tyre Shine is a spray on formulation providing an even film of coverage on the tyres for a more enhanced and professional finish than tyre paints. It is easy to use and takes little downtime to improve the overall appearance of the vehicle.

1) Tyre shine is a liquid and can be applied by spray, brush, sponge or rag.
2) Decant product into a suitable container for application.
3) Spray, wipe, paint, apply an even coat over the outside of the tyre.
4) Wipe any excess from wheels or hub caps.
5) No further action necessary.

Please note: avoid spraying directly onto brake discs or brake pads