M66 Steering Cable 15ft

$176.75 inc GST

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The M66 Steering Cable is a proven design and well made steering cable. These cable will replace your Teleflex SSC62 or SSC92 or older Morse D345 cable. Same quick connect feature.

To order in foot length, divide for 30.5 and round up to the next whole foot.

Example: D=305cm + 56cm = 361 : 30.5 = 11’8ft. Round up to 12ft.


  • Fast connect and simple installation.

  • All stainless steel cable output ends as per safety standards.

  • Attaches directly to the tilt tube on all popular brands.

  • Stroke length 228mm.

  • Minimum steering cable bend radius 200mm.

  • The M66 steering cable is also compatible with the Seastar Helms which use the SSC62 style of cable.

  • Exceeds both EN 28848 and ABYC P17 safety standards.


Order Length: Plastic Cable Jacket dimension + 56cm